Sports Equipment and Gift Cards

Whether it’s the glimmer in Dad’s eye when he unwraps those golf clubs, or your teenager’s gaping grin when she gets her first iPhone, there’s nothing better than the smiles on loved ones’ faces when they open that special gift. Shop smart this season and save big on the kinds of gifts that bring out those smiles that special memories are made of. Penny auction sites offer large savings on purchases like electronics, sports equipment, and gift cards.

Penny auctions are also called “Entertainment Shopping” or “Competitive Shopping”. The concept is that items are put up for bid, and each time a user places a bid, the price is increased by one penny. At the same time the clock also increases with each bid. Different sites have different time settings. It various from 10 seconds to 45 seconds. If no new bids are received before time runs out, the last bidder wins the item. Bidders purchases bids in advance. Bids cost from $0.40 to $1.00.

Winning bidders could get top-quality, brand name products for a fraction of the retail value. No matter the product, bidding on even upscale plasma TVs, iPhones and digital cameras begins as low as one penny with now reserve. Some penny auction sites guarantee a win-win bargain, in addition to great discounts: even if you’re not the top bidder, you can still own the product for the same price you’d find on Amazon. What you’ve already bid on the product goes towards the retail price and you simply cover whatever’s left.