Sports Equipment

Technology has played an important role in sports, be it applied to an athlete’s health or for his/her technique. One reason for this is that sports have grown more competitive, and a need for better equipment arises quickly. Equipment like baseball training aids and pitching machines, have gained immense popularity as they are fast, and can be used with different speeds and styles.

Sports equipment is a general term for an object, which may be used in any sports or during an exercise. The following are some of the important sports equipment used:

Ball – A ball is one of the most famous equipment that is used in various games like football, basketball, cricket, juggling, water basketball, water polo, etc. Mostly, balls made from rubber are used in games, whereas balls made from hard-wearing materials are used in engineering applications. Apart from being used in a game, it also provides benefits to your entire body, as it can be used in an exercise. It is great for those people who have back problems as well as muscle imbalance, as it supports lower back, protects the spine and maintains the natural curve in your posture.

Flying Disc – Flying Discs are disc-shaped gliders, which move through the air as they are rotated. The term Frisbee is also used sometimes, instead of flying discs. A wide range of flying discs are available commercially and used in many games. For instance, golf discs are used in disc games in which individuals throw discs into a basket or on a defined target. Illuminated discs are used for night-time play, and flying discs are used in ultimate, where a disc is passed to a player in the opposite zone and points are scored accordingly.

Bats – Bats are popularly used in games like cricket and baseball. It is usually made of willow wood, as it is tough and shock-resistant, and prevents it from denting when hit with a high-speed ball. It consists of a long paddle handle, similar to that of a racquet, a flat side of the bat which is used to hit the ball, and a v-shaped ridge designed in such a way to give an increased power to weight ratio.

Racquet – A racquet is sports equipment that is used to strike the ball in games such as squash, tennis and badminton. The frame is usually made of laminated wood and strings of animal intestine called catgut. However, to improve stiffness, manufacturers now add non-wood materials. They are first made of steel, then aluminum, and then carbon fiber composites. Racquets are restrung usually after every professional match.

Stick – A stick is a long-handled racket that is used in games like hockey, ice hockey and roller hockey. The stick is usually 36 to 38 inches long and usually made of wood. The curved part, called the blade, which is towards the end of the stick, is used to contact the ball, or puck. However, now most of the sticks are usually made of a number of materials, including fiberglass, aramid fiber and carbon fire.