Sporting Equipment

Personalized sports bottles are an excellent tool for athletes to keep their bottles easily identifiable. As many people dislike sharing their bottles, being able to see which bottle is theirs at a glance is very important, especially for those who participate in fast paced sports that only give short periods of time to rest and get a drink. However, it is possible for businesses to enjoy targeting those players who like having easily identified bottles. The first thing that you must do is to determine how you wish to customize each bottle as they are being handed out. There are several ways to do this, which makes this marketing ploy feasible.

In order to make personalized sports bottles for individuals quickly, you will have to blend printing directly onto the bottle with a little creativity. If you are attending an outdoor sports event or tournament, giving away or selling water bottles can increase your business as well as promote your brand. However, you need to be able to address the issue of customization for the individual. You can do this by printing a variety of different single initial bottles. This lets individuals pick a bottle that has their first initial on it, as well as your company name. This combination allows for many people to be able to get a bottle that they can identify as theirs. However, this method involves having a lot of stock of bottles with different customizations on it. This can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are other options that are more suitable for those with a smaller budget. In addition to printing your company name and logo, you may choose to print artwork onto the bottle and sell them for a profit. While you will not have as many bottles out in the general populace, doing this gives your customers a bottle that stands out without needing their name on it. If you include a tag around the neck of the bottle, this gives them a place to write their name onto the bottle without having to use a permanent marker on the plastic.

When you purchase personalized sports bottles, you will want to make certain that you only purchase high quality bottles. This is particularly important if you have children who will be using the bottles. While adults can be exposed to Bisphenol A, this substance is dangerous to children and infants. Bisphenol A is found in low quality plastics. High quality plastics are crafted without this substance. Unfortunately, the higher quality plastics are more expensive. Fortunately, higher quality plastics are less prone towards cracking on impact with the ground and survive abuse for a great deal longer than cheaper plastics. While it makes cutting costs difficult, you can focus on bulk purchasing as a method for your business to save money without putting any athletes, regardless of their age, at any risk from Bisphenol. When you place your order, you will want to inquire on bulk pricing, as this is an excellent way to help lower your costs per each individual water bottle.