New Sports Equipment

I recently have gotten emails and calls from Technical Schools in CT, for various Sports Equipment.
This article will be short and sweet. The first school contacted me for a scoring table for the gym.
Once contracted, I had a sponsor for this school in less than 1 day. I was just contacted today to begin a new scoreboard for baseball at the school.

That school passed me on to another Vo Tech for a scoring table and again it was sponsored instantly. All in a days work. The schools get them for free- One sponsor on each table, totally exclusive!
I seem to be a “good” epidemic of Vo Techs.
School number #1 again passed my name to yet another school, and they too are going through the process for a new scoring table, as well as a scoreboard.

Today has been quite a day, I had gotten a “renewal for a public High School in Northeast CT earlier this year on a scoring table. The school got revenue on the renewal. The Athletic Director contacted me today and requested another table for the middle school.

I obtained 2 scoreboards for a youth league in Wrentham Mass, again rather quickly. The scoreboards were installed for this past baseball / softball season and look great! I was contacted, again today, to begin on one more scoreboard for their Babe Ruth League! WOW…
Its great that schools rcognize the impotance of athletics, and keeping the equipment they use up to the standards!, check it out!