Getting Signed Sports Equipment

Building a collection of sports memorabilia is a great way to enjoy whichever sport you love, and indulge in a specific player’s career. If you start to collect game equipment and autographs of your favorite player, your interest in the game and their reputation can only grow. You’ll be more interested in their success on the field, specially if you start investing in them by buying their collectables. If your favorite player starts to perform well, the value of the merchandise will grow.

Many people want to get autographs, jerseys, and other game equipment from their favorite players – however, most don’t know how to actually get an autograph, because the players are always so busy. Below are a few tips that will help you get more signed merchandise from your favorite teams and stars.

Get there early.

Whether you’re going to a game or a practice, you have to get there earlier than other people. Some players actually take the time to sign certain merchandise for their fans before the game starts, and even in between, when they have some spare time. If you get to a stadium before the game or practice starts, you may be able to get close enough to your favorite player to get them to sign a card, jersey, or helmet.

If you use this method to get an autograph, don’t come off as a collector that is just going to sell the signed piece. Even if this is what you intend to do, try to look like a real fan instead of someone who is just trying to make a profit. Athletes don’t mind signing autographs for fans, but they feel used when signing something for someone who’s just going to sell it.

Go to off-season functions.

Several teams in the professional sports world are starting to hold off-season fan get-togethers, were they travel around, usually in their home state, and have a good time with their fans. Usually, events like these have some guest speakers, games, and some chances to meet and take photos with some of the current and past players. They also tend to have some special sessions where the players sit down and you can ask them for an autograph.

Teams love hosting these events because it kicks off public interest for the upcoming season, gets people excited, and lets them raise funds. A lot of famous players attend these events, so these are great places to get a valuable piece of signed merchandise.