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Extreme Sports Equipment

Extreme sports are evolving into more and more extreme equipment. After months of research, the following are some of the newest and most extreme sport toys we could find.

Jumping stilts are by far not only the most extreme. They go by lots of names; the most popular brands are Powerizers or Powerisers. They have super-charged springs that store the energy from the weight of your body, then release it in a recoil motion. Basically, spring loaded stilts. These jumping stilts are strapped to your feet and shins. With a little practice, you can jump higher and run faster than you ever dreamed possible. It will take some practice getting up off the ground on your own if you fall down. Make sure you have someone with you to help you stand back up. It can be tricky. Before you try jumping to the moon, I suggest you walk around on them for a few days until you become comfortable with them being an extension of your legs. Some folks have recorded running at speeds up to 20mph and jumping 6 and 7 feet in the air. These were designed for fun and exercise. Now that’s extreme!

A pogo stick on steroids is the ONLY way to describe this sport toy. They call it the Flybar 1200. It was developed by Andy McDonald (eight time World Cup Skateboarding champ), and was designed as a stunt and exercise pogo stick. It operates on an elastometric system (giant rubber bands); actually it has 12 rubber thrusters that operate like a trampoline that can bounce you more than five feet in the air. Boing, Boing, Boing! Again, be careful starting out. My suggestion is to keep the thrusters set low so you can get used to the momentum that this pogo stick creates. Also, it is important to bounce straight up and down…takes a little practice. The first time I got on this baby, I landed the Flybar in a slight forward position, and was instantly catapulted forward, then rolled about 10 feet upon landing.

Enough with the Extreme Air Equipment lets get back down to earth. Do you like to skateboard? We found the coolest alternatives to your basic skateboard. The Waveboard is a cross between snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. It’s the only non motorized skateboard we found that actually lets you go uphill! It will take some practice to get it going, but once you get the hang it’s a blast. Here is an interesting side note…the waveboard comes with an Allen wrench which is used to tighten and loosen the mid-section. Make sure you use it to loosen the mid-section before attempting to ride it. I spent two hours trying to get the hang of the Wave, most of it on the ground, only to discover my latest hint to you. The company that manufactures the waveboard has a “How to Ride” section. You should check it out for some quick tips.

Skateboarding and inline skating, do you like them both? This next product is like the Reece’s Cup of extreme sports. You know chocolate and peanut butter mixed together. That is what happened with Freeline Skates. Someone got these two sports mixed up! Let me explain, you have two small platforms, one for each foot. Each platform has two wheels under it, no straps or bindings. Your body is the only thing connecting the platforms together. To look at them you would think it would be almost impossible to stand on. A quick look on YouTube will find video of Freeliners everywhere. I could not believe the things people were doing with these skates. It is incredible! I give these skates a 10 for best innovation of a street skate to date. Also if you are an avid skateboarder, Freeline skating will improve your skills. That is Awesome!

I live in New England, so I am always looking for some new Extreme Sport Toys for those snowy winter months. I grew up on skis, snowboards, and sleds, but when I found this next toy I got really excited. It is called the Airboard- D. Not to be confused with the airboard hovercraft. It is an inflatable sled, comes with a backpack carrier and an air pump that’ll inflate the sled in about 3-5minutes! The first time I rode it I took a running start holding the Airboard-D next to my torso by holding onto the handles and launched myself forward in to a prone position landing with the Airboard-D between me and the snow. The first thing I noticed was that the air cushioning of the Airboard-D softened the impact of that take-off. It also made going over jumps a lot less jarring. It took me a little practice, but once I got the hang of using my legs to control speed, this thing really rocks. Within a short time, about an hour, I was flying and maintaining excellent control. It has heavy profile runners on the bottom that allows me to steer easily just by shifting my weight from side to side. If you get going really fast, the best control is lying flat versus leaning back on your legs. Works great in powder, but goes a lot faster on packed corn snow. (I really like to go fast, so my preference is corn snow). No comparison to the old wooden or plastic sled idea! The future of sleds has arrived. When I was done I just opened the quick release valve to let then air out and had it packed away in its own small back pack style carrying case in less than five minutes. Here is a secret about the Airboard-D, you can buy a wet-kit to add to it and use it to tow yourself behind a boat in the summer time. Not only is it extreme fun but practical too!

Well, I have more Toys to talk about, but I’ll save that for my next article. I would like to end this with a note about SAFETY. All of the above should not be attempted without proper safety equipment. That means always wear a helmet, and use Knee, elbow, and wrist protection. I’ve seen a lot of video on different sites that show people using these extreme toys without any safety equipment on. This is a Really Bad Idea. If I could recommend a good helmet it would be the TSG skateboarding helmet. It wraps around your head more than a lot of other skate helmets, adding more protection and comfort. It also looks cool! My best recommendation for knee, elbow, and wrist protection would be the Pro-Tech safety equipment line. This company has been around since the 70’s and continues to be a leader in safety equipment.

Training Sports Equipment for Agility Training

Agility Training there are various training aids, only with targeted resources and tools can be designed Agility perfect. For the individual disciplines, it is important to use the right training aids. Very popular agility training are the hurdles, on the card, the exercises are carefully explained and all know exactly how the obstacles can be overcome. Moreover, these maps also regulate all important and the time constraints.

The mini hurdles are perfect for jumping and because the barriers in different sizes and are available as sets, can be also adapted to the different breeds. The hurdles come in various jumping exercises are very good and the dogs have it easier thanks to the small hurdles. Also a very popular obstacle is the tunnel or the A-stairs, as it allows the dogs their intelligence and stamina well to the test. The various training elements can be combined together so that a small and nimble obstacle course created and it is also easy by train from home. Ah, the coveted rocker comes with the Agility founder very well, for so the dogs overcome their sense of balance and can improve their concentration.

All together provide an ideal training aid that makes little real dog sports professionals. Very popular with the agility, the slalom exercises, for only then can the dog put his speed to the test. For the slalom, various slalom poles are used and these it is important to maintain the proper distance. Slalom is an important discipline in agility training and this should also be specifically designed and varied. For the best slalom training needed to various obstacles, such as slalom poles, hurdles and tunnels. Agility is also important for the contact zone training. This will help address tunnels, hurdles or slalom poles. The Contact Zone Training is an important discipline in agility competition. A far more popular exercise is the drive through the tunnel, because this is the dog’s concentration and his coordination test and practice.

Sporting Equipment

Personalized sports bottles are an excellent tool for athletes to keep their bottles easily identifiable. As many people dislike sharing their bottles, being able to see which bottle is theirs at a glance is very important, especially for those who participate in fast paced sports that only give short periods of time to rest and get a drink. However, it is possible for businesses to enjoy targeting those players who like having easily identified bottles. The first thing that you must do is to determine how you wish to customize each bottle as they are being handed out. There are several ways to do this, which makes this marketing ploy feasible.

In order to make personalized sports bottles for individuals quickly, you will have to blend printing directly onto the bottle with a little creativity. If you are attending an outdoor sports event or tournament, giving away or selling water bottles can increase your business as well as promote your brand. However, you need to be able to address the issue of customization for the individual. You can do this by printing a variety of different single initial bottles. This lets individuals pick a bottle that has their first initial on it, as well as your company name. This combination allows for many people to be able to get a bottle that they can identify as theirs. However, this method involves having a lot of stock of bottles with different customizations on it. This can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are other options that are more suitable for those with a smaller budget. In addition to printing your company name and logo, you may choose to print artwork onto the bottle and sell them for a profit. While you will not have as many bottles out in the general populace, doing this gives your customers a bottle that stands out without needing their name on it. If you include a tag around the neck of the bottle, this gives them a place to write their name onto the bottle without having to use a permanent marker on the plastic.

When you purchase personalized sports bottles, you will want to make certain that you only purchase high quality bottles. This is particularly important if you have children who will be using the bottles. While adults can be exposed to Bisphenol A, this substance is dangerous to children and infants. Bisphenol A is found in low quality plastics. High quality plastics are crafted without this substance. Unfortunately, the higher quality plastics are more expensive. Fortunately, higher quality plastics are less prone towards cracking on impact with the ground and survive abuse for a great deal longer than cheaper plastics. While it makes cutting costs difficult, you can focus on bulk purchasing as a method for your business to save money without putting any athletes, regardless of their age, at any risk from Bisphenol. When you place your order, you will want to inquire on bulk pricing, as this is an excellent way to help lower your costs per each individual water bottle.

Storing Outdoor Sports Equipment

Fishing tackle and bicycles must be two of the most difficult sports to store equipment for. They are not particularly big or heavy, but do take up a certain amount of floor space. Fishing tackle and bikes both need keeping dry too which make outdoor storage impractical unless you have a shed or another form of outbuilding.

What makes storing them more difficult is the fact that both past times come with more accessories than you could shake a stick at. How do you organise all of those nuts and bolts or rig tying bits and pieces. Not only is it a case of storage though, you need to be able to get at them easily, easier the better in fact especially with bicycles.

I love cycling but everyone must have had that feeling where they know they should go out but really can’t be bothered. If you’re in one of these moods and your bike is right at the back of the shed that’s your ideal excuse not go out! You need your bike to be easily accessible you will be far more inclined to go out on it.

Although the same applies to fishing tackle, it’s not as important as with bicycles. I have yet to be put off going fishing by the idea if having to dig out the tackle from the back of shed. Having said that though if it were more accessible it would certainly make the process a whole lot easier, in terms of packing the care and then on return storing the equipment.